Protecting Healthcare Financial Services Legal State and Local Gov.


Mimecast is the always-on, integrated cloud suite that reduces the complexity of protecting your organization from spear-phishing, malware, data leaks, data loss and downtime.


Email Security


Healthcare organizations face the daunting task of coordinating care across internal and external parties, while simultaneously protecting patient privacy. Making it even more difficult, attackers intent on stealing valuable medical record data and armed with ransomware are exploiting often outdated security.

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Financial Services

In addition to controlling access to funds, financial services firms hold sensitive client data and are subject to strict regulations which force the archiving of client communications.  Financial organizations must respond quickly to litigation and other information requests.

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State and Local Government

Mounting cyberattacks on state and local government organizations coupled with ongoing fiscal pressures have exposed critical IT security vulnerabilities which disrupt business as usual and increase the risk of personal data being compromised.

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